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We are excited to be just around the corner of the launch of the next version of the AIMP, version 4.70. Currently you can download the final release on this page.

How do you see the new media player? Well, he has just released a Preview Beta in the forums. It is still being tweaked and there are some known issues that we are actively addressing, but he would like you to try it and give us some feedback. Please leave comments, you can also review the detailed list of features, bug fixes and enhancements.


Here are some highlights…

AIMP 4.70 will ship with native Multi-format Playback for the most popular formats, MP3, FLAC, and MPEG-DASH. So if you have been using AIMP for your audio library and something else for audio, you can now do it all with one application, AIMP.

The new AIMP 4.70 is fully Windows 10 compatible and takes advantage of some of the new preview features in the new Windows OS. The last big feature in the media player that we want to highlight in this post is the new “Add-ons” Gallery. We have made this a top-level node in the Media Library navigation and you can search and add any skin, plug-in, visualizations and online service directly from the media player.

Apologies for the long-winded post, but there are so many features in AIMP 4.70 and there is so much more to talk about. Therefore, they are planning a series of posts after the launch to deep dive into all of the new features for the media player. Stay tuned…

Last Updated: 05/04/2021
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